Apparently making currency that is hard to counterfeit is very difficult

It took a little while to figure out this error. This is interest both in terms of how hard it is to make currency that is difficult to counterfeit. But also it shows how these mistakes in recalling the currency impose costs on American companies.

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, authorities are scrambling to do everything they can to keep U.S. cash flowing.
'There is something drastically wrong here,' one source told CNBC. 'The frustration level is off the charts.' . . .
CNBC sources claimed that printers have produced 1.1 billion of the new bills - but those bills are unusable because of a creasing problem.
The paper folds over during production - revealing a blank, unlinked portion of the bill face.
After printing, officials discovered that some of the new bills have a vertical crease that, when the sides of the bill are pulled, unfolds and reveals a blank space on the face of the bill.
At first glance, the bills appear completely printed - but they are not. . . .



Blogger Mike aka Proof said...

First a spending gap, now a printing gap!

12/08/2010 12:29 PM  

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