Investors seem to be convinced that commodity prices are heading up

This is the type of activity that you see when investors' believe that inflation is going to increase.

Investors are holding their biggest positions on record in the commodities markets as prices surge and debate intensifies among U.S. regulators about whether to limit the amount that any one trader can bet in markets for energy, metals and agricultural products.

Hedge funds, pension funds and mutual funds dramatically ramped up their holdings in everything from oil and natural gas to silver, corn and wheat this year. In many cases, the number of contracts held for individual commodities now far exceeds the amount outstanding in mid-2008, the last time commodity markets were soaring to records and debate raged about whether excessive speculation was driving up prices.

Contracts held by investors have risen 12% this year through October and are 17% higher than June 2008, according to data from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the market regulator. . . .



Blogger Carteach said...

Well, the news of 100,000,000,000 in currency being currently warehoused by the Federal Reserve might have something to do with that. If they release that into circulation, we would have an instant 10% devaluation of the US dollar, and an instant 'profit' on commodities bought with pre-release dollars.

12/08/2010 5:44 AM  

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