Democrats micromanaging people's lives: Banning alcoholic caffeinated drinks

College students engaged in binge drinking!!! Shocking!!! How could something like this ever happen? Several students across the country have actually gotten sick or dying from drinking these drinks over the last several month? My question is how many students got sick from drinking too much beer or wine or vodka over the last few months?

The Food and Drug Administration issued warning letters Wednesday to four manufacturers of alcoholic energy drinks often consumed by college students, saying the caffeine added to their beverages is an "unsafe food additive."

The combination of caffeine and alcohol in the drinks creates a public health concern and can lead to "a state of wide-awake drunk," said FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg. Evidence has shown their consumption has led to alcohol poisoning, car accidents and assaults, she said.

The government could eventually seize the products if the companies continue to make and market them. The companies have 15 days to respond to the letters and either explain how they will take their products off the market or defend their drinks as safe.

Several college students have been hospitalized in recent months after consuming the drinks. The FDA said experts have raised concerns that the caffeine in the drinks can mask a person's feeling of intoxication, leading to risky behavior. Many of those who consume the drinks are underage drinkers. . . .

White House Drug Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske said Wednesday that the FDA's quick action to decrease consumption of the drinks is critical.

"These products are designed, branded, and promoted to encourage binge drinking," he said. . . .

Schumer Calls for Ban on Alcoholic Energy Drinks

The FDA has fortunately also moved to protect us from having too much salt in our diet.

The FDA announced it will work with food manufacturers to analyze the foods they make. Then, figure out how to prepare them using less sodium. . . .

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Blogger Brad_in_MA said...

Sen Schumer has never met a ban he didn't like. Perhaps the good citizens of NY should ban Mr. Schumer from his next term in office.

- Brad

11/18/2010 7:43 AM  
Blogger cory said...


I love the comment "Many of those who consume the drinks are underage drinkers."

Excuse me. If you're underage, you're not legally supposed to be drinking.

This is akin to Gun Rights. Punishing law abiding citizens for what criminals do.

If caffeine is so awful, we need to ban it from coffee and chocolate and soft-drinks too.

Let's instead talk about the drugs the FDA prevents from coming to market that could save lives. How many people die every year because the FDA says things aren't safe, but yet those in dire need understand the risks and are going to die anyway? This nanny-state bureaucracy needs to go.

Are the Republicans going to get rid of the FDA? The TSA? What parts of the government are the "conservatives" actually going to defund in the future? My guess is all the government programs we have now will be there in 2 years, in 4 years, and probably until US Treasuries are declared junk bonds.

11/18/2010 11:09 AM  

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