"U.S. effort to slow flow of guns into Mexico failing"

First, I don't believe that the Mexican drug gun problem is a US problem. But I have tried to make it clear in the new third edition of More Guns, Less Crime that it is as impossible as keeping drug gangs from getting drugs. Glenn Fine, who authored this report, has become known as a political hit man for the Obama administration after he wrote a report that went after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for supposedly improperly filing for $2,000 in reimbursements while he was a US attorney. Now Glenn takes his biased aim at guns.

An inspector general's review finds that a once-praised federal program is too narrowly focused, fails to share information with law enforcement agencies and does not adequately trace U.S. guns in Mexico. . . .

much-touted federal effort to keep U.S. firearms out of the Mexican drug wars is unwieldy, mismanaged and fraught with "significant weaknesses" that could doom gun smuggling enforcement on the border to failure, an internal Justice Department review concluded Tuesday.

Agents with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives focus only on small gun sales and do not share information with law enforcement officials on both sides of the border, the review said. Even the cornerstone effort of tracing U.S. guns in Mexico too often comes up short because of missing data and the lack of U.S. training for Mexican police, it found.

The investigation by Inspector General Glenn A. Fine is the first to find systemic problems in a once highly praised project, and it mirrors concerns of many on the border that weapons from the U.S. are helping the violence spiral out of control. . . .

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"...keeping drug gangs from getting

Did you mean keeping drug gangs from getting guns?

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