Palin versus Romney on favorability ratings

This exit poll survey really isn't too relevant for the Republican presidential primaries because it seems to be survey results for all, not just Republican voters, in New Hampshire and Iowa. I assume that Palin does better among Republican voters than all voters so these numbers are biased against how well that she will do in the primary. I assume that these numbers are even more biased against how well she will do in a caucus state such as Iowa where intensity matters. That said, Palin looks quite strong in Iowa.

New Hampshire voters, who vote in the first presidential primary, answered questions about two possible GOP candidates. Forty percent of voters in the Senate exit poll had a favorable opinion of Sarah Palin, while 56 percent had an unfavorable one. Those responses for Mitt Romney were 47 and 46 percent, respectively. In Iowa, an early caucus state, 41 percent in the Senate exit poll had a favorable opinion of Palin, and 54 percent an unfavorable one. For Romney, those responses were 37 and 45 percent, respectively.

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