Where do we draw the line on free speech?

The government's arguments in Citizens United case before the Supreme Court were worrisome.

Ms. Kagan disavowed a statement that a government lawyer made when the case was first argued in March. The lawyer said the government could ban the distribution of books paid for by corporations before elections.

“The government’s answer has changed,” Ms. Kagan said, adding that the Federal Election Commission had never tried to regulate distribution of books.

Chief Justice Roberts bristled at that statement. “We don’t put our First Amendment rights in the hands of F.E.C. bureaucrats,” he said.

He then asked about pamphlets. “A pamphlet would be different,” Ms. Kagan said. “A pamphlet is pretty classic electioneering.” . . .

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Blogger John A said...

“A pamphlet is pretty classic electioneering.”

Well, yes, one Thomas Paine comes to mind...

9/10/2009 3:18 PM  

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