Details about Baucus Health Care Bill Emerge

The WSJ has this:

To pay for the plan, there are across-the-board fees not just for health insurers but also for pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device makers and clinical laboratories. The hits are likely to arouse industry concerns, although companies also have a lot to gain from a health bill that expands coverage to millions of uninsured.

Like other bills, the proposal from Baucus, chairman of the Finance Committee, would require most people to carry health insurance. But it slaps higher penalties on those who refuse, ranging from $750 for the poorest single people to as high as $3,800 a year for families. By contrast, employers wouldn’t be required to provide coverage for employees. They would only have to pay a contribution for employees who get tax credits to buy individual insurance.

Doctors may be irked by some of the payment changes in the Baucus plan. In particular, one measure seeks to give primary-care doctors higher Medicare payments, and funding it by cutting payments to other doctors. . . .

The text of the proposal is here.

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Blogger Anthony said...

If they don't have the cash to pay the insurance, how would they pay the fine? Is my thinking off here?

9/08/2009 11:55 PM  
Blogger lennybrisco said...

Is that really the most important question?

9/16/2009 12:13 PM  
Blogger victormisrock said...

I'm dismayed at the fact that "end-of-life" counseling is not being addressed in this bill. The idea of a "Death Panel;" however absurd, really isn't that far away from the truth. And the future demands regulations.

Please see this interview for such proof:


9/16/2009 7:13 PM  
Blogger odoggz said...

Unfortunately, blogs and 'independent' groups putting out 'information' aren't the replacement for real news coverage from respected people in the business. Blogs are opinions, not necessarily facts, thus you're not to take someone's VIDEO ON DEATH PANELS, etc, as the gospel. Think 'credible sources of information', and full information first, people.

9/21/2009 12:29 PM  

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