Easy out Parole System -- Rendell responsible

Rendell getting some well deserved blame here.

Critics of Pennsylvania's parole system are saying it is dysfunctional to the point of being scandalous - and fingers are pointing at Gov. Ed Rendell.

"We have carnage on the streets from violent offenders who should have been in prison. Instead of addressing the problem and keeping the streets safe, it appears that Pennsylvania may have put in an "express lane" for parole in our state," said John McGrody, vice president of Philadelphia's local Lodge 5 of the Fraternal Order of Police. . . .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the Mayor of Philadelphia has recently enacted laws that were literally found to be illegal, disarming the law abiding citizens of that city.

It is a sad day when the government fails to punish people who are convicted on violent criminal charges in a court of law, and turns its focus on those who have done nothing wrong.

10/08/2008 9:31 AM  

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