European Union Gets into iPod and Computer design

Well, if customers wanted these easily removable batteries enough, if they wanted that feature more than the cost of providing it, you would think that Apple would provide it. Instead, customers seem to be flocking to the Apple iPod. The customers seem to like the small size and lightness more than having easy access to the battery. In any case, that apparently isn't stopping the EU government regulators from deciding that the customers don't know what features they really want on these products.

The European Union is preparing new directives that could have an impact on Apple's future products, including "the New Batteries Directive," which proposes to mandate that batteries in electronic appliances be "readily removed" for replacement or disposal.

The EU has taken the lead in pushing for industry regulations that impact all companies that sell their products in Europe. For example, the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, known as RoHS, demanded tough new limits to the use of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and flame retardants known as PBB and PBDE. . . .

Of course, during the warranty period Apple will replace the battery for you at no additional charge. If you want to extend your warranty people are free to do so.



Blogger AubidadedBallad said...

Well what can we say?? Who can't have one of these electronics! With the way the world is spinning today we're only moving into an ever more technological world. But, nevertheless computers can't replace the human brain, and that was said years ago way before the iPhone came out. Now we have so many technological advances in this world that it is kind of selfish to say that even computers in today's time can't think AS quick or even QUICKER than a human mind! But, who's not ready for a technologically advanced future? I know I am :)
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