Why campaign finance limits will matter in the Fall

Chuck Todd had this to say on Meet the Press:

But the most remarkable thing, I think about the map is how the toss-ups are fairly steady. McCain is strong in the places that he's campaigning and advertising. Now, he is a limited amount of states that he's advertising in. He's only in about 11 of the battleground states, Obama's trying to expand the playing field, he's advertising in 18 and you see that difference. In those seven states that only Obama's in, his numbers have moved up a lot more and obviously McCain hasn't, but in those other states, McCain's holding steady and even has a lead in some of them.

Here is also what I quoted previously about the impact of Obama's large campaign expenditures in Florida.

These examples show why campaign expenditures matter and with Obama having a 5-to-1 or so advantage over McCain, this is going to be a very difficult campaign. The 50 state campaign planned by Obama is going to increase Democratic turnout everywhere. I worry about a huge down ballot benefit for Democrats.



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