Follow up on Jerry Lewis accidentally trying to carry a gun on a plane

Apparently, Jerry Lewis is a gun owner. The explanation that I posted to before that it was a prop gun that a relative had put in his bag was not correct. In any case, it is clear that Lewis made a simple mistake and was not a threat to anyone. Hopefully, the zero tolerance laws will show a little intelligence here.

LOS ANGELES (AP) Jerry Lewis tells "Entertainment Tonight" that a gun found in his carryon bag at the Las Vegas airport last month was a gift from an engraver that he put in a travel bag a year ago and forgot. His manager had previously said the weapon was a prop gun.

Hat tip to Jeff Soyer.



Blogger Chris said...

Jerry Lewis has done so much for so many people when you view him through the MDA scope.

He's a good man who deserves exoneration.

8/18/2008 3:21 PM  

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