Chinese Government on what Chinese people should say to foreigners during the Olympics

The BBC has this report here:

Beijing citizens have been told not to pick their noses, yawn or scratch their heads when talking to foreigners during the Olympics.

They have also been given a list of things not to ask overseas visitors - a list so exhaustive it could make conversation difficult.

Ordinary people have also been given detailed instructions on how to talk to disabled people during the Paralympics. . . .



Blogger Junkyard Sam said...

What we're seeing from the Chinese government, like you describe - is atrocious.

But here at home we have something similar happenings - it's just not being done by force.

I would suggest that the monopolization of big media has resulted in a similar effect -- the people of America are not asking questions they should be asking.

Consider the crimes of the current administration. We all wonder about this to ourselves but without big media coverage - it goes no further.

Consider the suffering going on in economic circles of middle class and below. Each person feels its "his own fault" without realizing a mindset from Reagan to Bush II has undermined the economic infrastructure of this country... RESULTING in the pain we now face...

But we're not asking questions.

So WHILE we point fingers at China I think we're less than perfect ourselves.

7/20/2008 4:09 AM  

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