Did Pennsylvania Sheriff Illegally Revoke Concealed Carry Permit

Pennsylvania Sheriff being challenged in court for revoking a concealed handgun permit:

Young, a former Crawford Central School District teacher and U.S. Marine Corps veteran, turned in his conceal carry permit in February. In his letter revoking Young’s permit, Hoke quoted a passage from the state law that lays out one of the circumstances under which a sheriff can revoke a concealed carry permit. Hoke wrote that he believes Young’s “character and reputation is such that you would be likely to act in a manner dangerous to the public.”

In his appeal, Young denies that characterization of him.

He claims that had Hoke conducted an investigation — as required by law — Hoke would have concluded that Young wouldn’t be likely to act in such a manner.

In addition, Young said the law requires that the notice of revocation must state a specific reason for the action and Hoke’s did not.

Furthermore, Young said the law provides in part that a license to carry a concealed firearm may be revoked for “good cause.” Young said Hoke failed to state the facts for a good cause to revoke his license.

In his appeal, Young said his permit to carry a concealed firearm can’t be taken based only on the sheriff’s opinion, and he claims Hoke’s action was “arbitrary and capricious.” . . .



Anonymous Anonymous said...

My permit was briefly non-renewed (until I appealed) after I had a dispute with the general counsel of my Diocese over an email I sent to parents about CCW, described here:


I have evidence that Newport Beach PD monitored my blog several times around the time of my meeting with the Diocesan GC, and someone well-connected confirmed that this situation resulted in the temporary non-renewal of my permit by the sheriff, probably on request of NBPD. I hope one of our "Republican" legislators in CA at least introduces RTC. No RTC means no 2A and no 1A either.

3/14/2008 2:17 AM  

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