Arizona Boy's life saved by Uncle's Gun

Boy saved from mountain lion attack by uncle who had a handgun in his car. This is a timely event given the debate about allowing guns in national parks. MSNBC reports:

“You could see he was definitely sizing [P.J] up,” Smith said. “He put his paw on his shoulder. He put his mouth directly on top of his head, and I think if the head had been smaller, he’d have been picked up.”

Fortunately, another adult — P.J.’s uncle — in the party had brought a handgun along and had left it in a vehicle that was parked nearby. He ran to get the gun, and when the animal started to investigate whether P.J.’s head was bite-sized, Smith told him to shoot the animal, which he did with one extremely well-placed shot. . . .

Here is a video of the interview where the grandfather said that they "fortunately" had a gun with them to stop the mountain lion.

Thanks to Mark Johnson-Barbier for providing this link.



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