A Majority of British Would Reinstate the Death Penalty

A discussion of the YouGov poll can be seen here:

Half of adults in Britain would be in favour of restoring the death penalty for cases of murder, according to a poll by YouGov. 50 per cent of respondents share this opinion, while 40 per cent disagree.

Britain began a five-year moratorium on all death penalties from criminal convictions in 1965, and made the suspension permanent in 1969. Attempts to abolish the death penalty in Britain have been made since at least 1808, but each initiative was stalled at various stages of the legislative process. That said, even by 1861, there were only four civilian crimes—murder, treason, arson in royal dockyards, and piracy with violence—that were punishable by death. . . .



Anonymous Keith said...

Colin Greenwood's book; "Firearms Control" has a chart plotting the stages in the abolition of the death penalty in Britain and the incremental rise in armed robbery rate.

I'm personally against the death penalty, but cannot argue against either the democratic support for it or its deterrent effect on pre-meditated crimes.

3/12/2008 5:40 AM  

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