If a typical candidate belonged to a church that claimed these things, what do you think would happen to the candidate?

Don Kates sent around this note on Obama's Pastor:

Rev. Jeremiah Wright is the pastor of the church which Barack Obama joined decades ago because he was comfortable with it and of which he has been a member for over 20 years. Rev. Wright is characterized by Obama as a close friend. He married Obama and baptized the Obama children.

Evidence has now been revealed as to Rev. Wright’s views which gives context and specificity to Mrs. Obama’s general statement that she has always been ashamed of America. Rev. Wright’s sermons have endorsed the following assertions:

* AIDS was invented and spread by the U.S. government as a means of exterminating blacks.

* The U.S. government sells illegal drugs to blacks in order to degrade them and have a basis for unjustly imprisoning them.

* The 9/11 attack was a proper and reasonable response to American foreign policy.

* The existence of Israel is an oppression against Palestinians which the U.S. supports.

* In general America is an evil nation which authors most of the evil in the world.

To reiterate, these sermons give specific context to Mrs. Obama’s
recent declaration (apparently only because of Obama’s run for the
presidency) that for the first time in her adult life she is not ashamed
of America.

If a Republican candidate belonged to such a church, I don't even think that denouncing the church now would save the candidate.

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Blogger TYF said...

Pat Robertson and the late Jerry Falwell made some statements about America's moral rot (and the ACLU) being partly responsible for 9/11. These statements were roundly condemned by mainstream conservatives at the time. Could you imagine the media drumbeat if John McCain had Falwell and Robertson on his campaign's "board of religious advisors", like Obama does with Wright?

I believe some Obama flack has compared the outrage over Wright to the anti-Catholic prejudice that JFK faced. But can anyone name a Kennedy pastor who was this far out of the American mainstream? Interestingly, the Kennedys took great pains to criticize and distance themselves from Fr. Charles Coughlin, whose isolationist and anti-semitic statements made him probably the most controversial priest of his day.

3/14/2008 10:42 AM  

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