Ohio: "Few conceal-carry permits revoked, records show"

Of the 73,530 licenses issued from April 2004 through the first quarter of this year, sheriffs’ offices reported 391 suspensions and 217 revocations. That means roughly one of every 121 licenses was suspended or revoked.

More than half of the 100 revocations issued statewide this year came from the Cuyahoga County sheriff’s office after accusations that dozens of license-holders were trained by a weapons instructor who didn’t provide the training required by state law.

The instructor has been charged with 46 felony counts of forgery and 23 felony counts of tampering with records.

But the reasons for other suspensions and revocations are largely a mystery. The concealcarry law Ohio legislators enacted keeps private most of the information about license-holders. . . . Cuyahoga County has issued 1,906, suspended 16 and revoked 57.

If one looks at all revocations, the revocation rate is 0.29%. If you substract off the one case where the problems appear to be due to the instructor not keeping the forms properly, the revocation rate is 0.2%. Interestingly, a huge portion of the remaining revocations took place in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland). The revocation rate outside of Cuyahoga County was only 0.13 percent. Were permit holders more troublesome in Cuyahoga County or was there a different standard that the local sheriff tried to use to determine revocations?


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