Central Indiana Counties with about 8 to 8.5% of Residents with Concealed Handgun Permits

I haven't looked up the exact numbers but if you did these calculations of adults and not all residents, these numbers would imply around 10 or 11 percent of the adult population with concealed handgun permits. With the recent legislation that gotten passed that allow people to get a permit for life, this percent will rise.

Thousands of area residents are carrying around firearms, and Morgan County residents are among the most likely to be armed.

Based on the most recent population statistics available from the U.S. Census Bureau (through 2005) and merged with the entire database of gun permit holders in the state, the Indiana State Police issues one gun permit for approximately every 11.7 residents in Morgan County. . . .

Most south-central Indiana counties are fairly similar, at least demographically speaking, when it comes to permit holders.

Morgan County is the most heavily armed, followed closely by Martin (1 permit holder for every 12 residents), Owen (1:12.5), Greene (1:12.7) and Lawrence (1:12.8).

New stories on permits being issued in Kansas and Utah can be found by following the links. The Utah story indicates that 30% of its permit holders are residents in other states. Utah's permits are honored in 32 other states.


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