Failed Environmental Doomsday Predictions


Massive errors in US Census count that helped Democrats

 The 2020 US Census undercounted population in six states, five of which are Republican states (Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas) and one Democrat state (Illinois). The Census overcounted population in eight states, six of which are Democrat states (Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Rhode Island) and two Republican states (Ohio and Utah). Some of these errors are huge, over 5% in Arkansas, Delaware, and Rhode Island and in a number of cases changed the distribution of congressional seats.

These errors clearly gave Democrats extra congressional seats and extra electoral votes in the presidential election. Since population is also used for the federal government to decide who gets the money that they give out, Democrat states are benefiting from these mistakes.


With all the anger over Trump's behavior on Jan 6th, 2021, here are his really reprehensible tweets that he put out that day




IRS Sent $1.3 Billion In Stimulus Checks To Locked Up Criminals, Including Murderers

More than 1.1 million incarcerated criminals.

~163,000 of those recipients are serving life sentences without the possibility of parole.

Biden’s nearly $2 trillion stimulus bill lacked guardrails.

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At The Federalist: Data Shows White Supremacists Are Not The Most Likely Mass Murderers

 I have a new op-ed at The Federalist.

Democrats are lying to Americans about the most likely motivations for mass murderers and the prevalence of guns in violent crime. 

In his Buffalo, New York speech last week following a mass shooting, President Biden showed he still has only two things on his mind regarding crime: guns and white supremacists.


No one can defend white supremacists. But with violent crime soaring and this latest attack in Buffalo, people want something done. Yet Biden’s agenda won’t make people safer. 


“Look, we’ve seen the mass shootings in Charleston, South Carolina; El Paso, Texas; in Pittsburgh. Last year in Atlanta. This week in Dallas, Texas, and now in Buffalo. In Buffalo, New York. White supremacy is a poison. It’s a poison. It really is. Running through our body politic. And it’s been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. No more. I mean, no more.”


Of the 82 mass public shootings from January 1998 to May 2021, 9 percent have known or alleged ties to white supremacists, neo-Nazis, or anti-immigrant views. And many of the anti-immigrant attackers, such as the Buffalo murderer, hold decidedly environmentalist views that are more in line with the Democrat agenda. 


Other groups commit mass public shootings disproportionately more than whites do. While non-Middle Eastern whites make up about 64% of the population, they make up 58% of the mass public shooters. Another nine percent are carried out by people of middle eastern origin, who make up only 0.4% of the country’s population. That makes middle easterners the most likely ethnic/racial group to carry out mass public shootings. Blacks, Asians, and American Indians commit these attacks at a slightly higher rate than their share of the population. Hispanics commit them at much lower rates (11% lower) than their share of the population.


Seventy-one percent of mass public shooters have no identifiable political views.


But you would never know this from watching TV police dramas or listening to Biden’s constant claim that white supremacists pose the biggest threat of domestic terrorism.


Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed in testimony in April that white supremacy is the top terrorism-related threat to the homeland. But when pressed, Mayorkas couldn’t name a single white supremacy case that his department referred to the Department of Justice for prosecution.


White supremacists with guns are not the threat that our government would have us believe. It’s not just that white supremacy is rare – so too are gun crimes. The number of gun crimes has been falling dramatically, and they now make up less than 8% of violent crimes in America.


“We can keep assault weapons off our streets. We’ve done it before. I did it when I passed the crime bill last time, and violence went down, shootings went down. We can’t prevent people from being radicalized to violence, but we can address the relentless exploitation of the internet to recruit and mobilize terrorism. We just need to have the courage to do that, to stand up.”


Biden’s focus on guns, and particularly assault weapons, is misplaced. On Tuesday, Biden again bragged about how wonderful his 1994 assault weapon ban was in stopping mass public shootings, but even studies paid for by the Clinton administration couldn’t find evidence of its effectiveness. 


If the Federal Assault Weapons Ban really drove the changes in the rate of mass public shootings, attacks with assault weapons should have become less common during the ban. Then they should have become more common, at least as a share of total shootings, after the ban ended in 2004. But that isn’t what happened. Comparing the ten years before 1994 to the ten years after, we find that the percentage of mass public shootings with assault weapons rose slightly when the ban was in effect (going from 22.2% to 23.5%) and then fell in the ten years after the ban ended (23.5% to 18.2%).


Biden’s “guns first” approach ignores a basic fact – over 92% of violent crimes in America do not involve firearms. In addition, although Biden blames guns for the increase in violent crime, the latest data show that gun crimes fell dramatically.


new McLaughlin & Associates survey of 1,000 likely voters from April 20th to 26th for the Crime Prevention Research Center shows how misinformed people are. People across the country, of all races and incomes, have wildly inaccurate beliefs about how frequently violent crime involves guns. The average likely American voter is way off, thinking that over 46% of violent crimes involve guns. The people who had the most inaccurate views that the rate of violent crime with guns was the highest were the ones who most strongly supported gun control.


It might not be easy to accept, but focusing solely on guns and white supremacy isn’t a wise use of resources. 


John R. Lott, Jr., “Data Shows White Supremacists Are Not The Most Likely Mass Murderers,” The Federalist, May 23, 2022.

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Spokesman for Russia must be getting paid a lot to say some of the things that he is claiming

This spokesman for Russia must be getting paid a lot to say some of the things that he is claiming. 

Ukraine War: Full Sky News interview with Vladimir Putin's spokesman "The hospital [that was blown up] was a fake."

In Bucha: "Not a single local resident has suffered from any violent actions while Russia was in control" All these dead bodies were staged. All the claims about dead bodies are fake.


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Something to remember when Democrats claim racism: 13 Senate Democrats voted against Black female judge nominated by Trump

 With the new Supreme Court nomination coming soon, claims of racism are sure to be lodged against any Republican who votes against the black female that Biden has promised to nominate. From Fox News:

The Senate Democrats in question all voted against Ada E. Brown, former President Trump’s nominee for district judge of the northern district of Texas.

Brown, a Black woman, was confirmed in September 2019 by a vote of 80-13, with the 13 "nay" votes coming from Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer, Tammy Baldwin, Richard Blumenthal, Sherrod Brown, Maria Cantwell, Catherine Cortez Masto, Kirsten Gillibrand, Mazie Hirono, Ed Markey, Patty Murray, Brian Schatz, Debbie Stabenow and Ron Wyden.

Only two of the offices for the 13 senators who voted against Brown’s confirmation responded to Fox News Digitals’ requests for comment.

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Biden Pushes to end the filibuster to get, Senator Jon Tester is sympathetic


Is the frequency of tornadoes increasing because of "climate change"? No.

 Biden & others who blame the recent deaths from tornados on climate change should look seriously at the work from the National Weather Service.



Biden draws line in sand over Taiwan. Does anyone think that China will stop violating Taiwanese territorial space?

The US House's January 6th Commission is worried about what I was doing when I worked at the US DOJ

 A copy of the committee's deposition of Jeffrey Clark, who served as acting Attorney General for the US DOJ is available here. This is pretty funny.

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Most Americans oppose Biden's Build Back Better

A new Rasmussen Report throws some cold water on Biden's Build Back Better. By a 51% to 43% margin, likely American voters oppose it. By 48% to 35% they also believe that the bill will hurt the economy.

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Who voted for Glenn Youngkin: Hispanics went strongly for Youngkin

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting breakdown of who voted for Youngkin over McAuliffe. The breakdown raises questions about how the media is describing the win. Given the higher percentage of the vote that Youngkin received among Hispanics.

Progressive cable TV voices blamed defeat on citizens’ bigotry, saying the GOP won because of appeals to “white nationalism” and “dog-whistle racism.” Some strategists now advise Democrats to base their 2022 campaigns on this assumption by telling voters that “powerful elites and special interests use race as a tool of division to distract hard-working people of all races while they get robbed blind.”
Compare the breakdown in 2021 with 2017. In 2021, Youngkin won the Hispanic vote by 55% to 43%. In 2017, the Democrat candidate, Ralph Northam, won it by 67% to 32%. Who won different age or gender groups was the same in both races, though with the groups going Republican did so by smaller margins for Gillespie.


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