Joe Biden used Pseudonym Email Address while he was Vice President

 How Biden used personal email to share some government business with son Hunter\

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer is now pressing National Archives to release unredacted emails between Biden, his son & business partners. 


In late November 2014 -- before the rest of the world knew that American Martin O'Connor was about to be released from detention in Turkey -- the U.S. embassy in Istanbul sent an email to the State Department that was then forwarded to senior advisers to then-Vice President Joe Biden, the Obama White House point man for many foreign policy crises.

"The lead attorney for Mr. O'Connor reports that the court granted the detention appeal and he expected Mr. O'Connor to be released from jail today, barring any unforeseen problems," the U.S. embassy in Istanbul wrote in an email that got forwarded to top Obama administration security and diplomacy officials, including current Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland. "Mr. O'Connor will not be allowed to leave the country until his next hearing which is set for December 11, 2014. The lawyer expressed confidence that he will be able to leave after that hearing. The attorney is handling his release arrangements, pick up and temporary housing near his law firm's office. Istanbul consular plans to speak with Mr. O'Connor after his release."

State Department officials forwarded the information to the vice president's office, where Biden aide Colin Kahl (now President Biden's Undersecretrary of Defense for Policy) sent it to the private email account robinware456@gmail.com. It wasn't just any private account. It was one of three pseudonym accounts used by Joe Biden. . . .

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