The Washington Post grossly misquotes Trump's conversation with the Georgia Secretary of State

Washington Post admits it misquoted Trump's call to Georgia elections investigator when newly released recording revealed he DIDN'T urge her to 'find the fraud.' Trump DIDN'T say she'd be 'a national hero.'  

The Post story is gutted. But will most people ever know they published made-up quotes? Why isn't this correction front-page news? Will the rest of the media give this the same coverage that they gave the original fake quotes?  

These false quotes are just like the misrepresentation of Trump's telephone call with the Ukrainian president. Major news stories are now written based on one anonymous source that again turns out to be a lie. Did the Post's one anonymous source lie to them, or did they lie and make things up?  

Because the Post will never reveal this anonymous source, even though the best of them is that this single source lied to them, we will never know whether the source lied to them or the Washington Post simply made up the false quotes.

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