Kamala Harris lauds Jacob Blake and his family, prejudges police as being wrong in shooting


From the New York Post:

The officer who took her statement said she “had a very difficult time telling him this and cried as she told how the defendant assaulted her.”

The alleged victim said Blake “penetrating her digitally caused her pain and humiliation and was done without her consent” and she was “very humiliated and upset by the sexual assault,” the record states.

Add to it that Jacob Blake

-violated restraining order

 -resisted arrest 

-Ignored orders to drop knife

Even if Kamala Harris thinks that the police somehow behaved improperly, why would she say that this is such "an incredible family"? Regarding Jacob Blake, why say "I'm proud of you"?  The father has a "long history of racist, antisemitic, and anti-Christian" comments.

Among his comments choice comments:

“A jew can’t tell me shit period”

“The same pink toe Jewish people that control the interest rate control the media the control Minds and money”

“The Jewish media picks and chooses who is a terrorists  and is not”


Three depressing stories of our times: Museum to review eliminating Charles Darwin collection, Public School Suspends kid for gun at home, and more

1) "Natural History Museum to review potentially 'offensive' Charles Darwin collection

Ted Frank: "Museums are racist, Y’all. Fascinating how quickly “Black Lives Matter” has moved past police reform into basically trying to replicate Pol Pot and Mao."

2) Public schools monitor for toy guns in homes 

"12-year-old suspended after teacher spots toy gun during virtual class

"although the teacher thought it was a toy gun authorities still did a welfare check on Isaiah Elliott without parental notification." 

3) "San Francisco gym owners livid after discovering gyms in government buildings have been opened for months"ancisco gym owners livid after discovering gyms in government buildings have been opened for months