Joe Biden to Bernie Sanders : "Iā€™m going to need you ā€“ not just to win the campaign ā€“ but to govern."

Biden has moved even further to the left and will continue to move even further. When Sanders suspended his campaign, he didn't endorse Biden. Sanders said he would stay in until the convention to influence the platform. So Biden essentially guaranteed Sanders a role in writing the platform so Sanders would endorse him. Biden completely caved on the issues.
"The independent who was making his second straight White House run announced that the two campaigns were teaming up for six working groups to tackle the key issues of the economy, education, climate change, criminal justice reform, immigration reform, and health care." 
"The day after Sanders ended his White House bid, Biden showcased new proposals to lower the Medicare eligibility to age 60 and forgive student loan debt for low-income and middle-class families."

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