Trump impeachment will be significant campaign issue for Democrats in the 2018 midterms

I wouldn't think that Democrats would want to run on this issue, but the Democratic primaries are going to put a lot of Democrats on the record supporting this idea.

From Fox News:
Billionaire liberal activist Tom Steyer’s “Need to Impeach” campaign sent out guides to more than 5,100 Democratic candidates across the country just two weeks before the first of a dozen Democratic primary debates his group, NextGen America, is bankrolling. 
While NextGen and Need to Impeach are separate entities, the timing indicates the California billionaire and political activist hopes ousting President Donald Trump before the end of his term will be a significant campaign issue in the 2018 midterms. 
“Tom’s impeachment campaign is run out of Need to Impeach, which is a separate entity,” NextGen America spokeswoman Aleigha Cavalier told Fox News. “The topics of the debate will be on issues that matter to young people — which can definitely include impeachment — but that’s not the focus.” . . .


Even in California: "overwhelming majority of Californians want to deport more illegal immigrants"

The University of California at Berkeley's Haas Institute has a poll that on some issues will shock a lot of Democrats in the state.

-- "59% find it important to increase deportations of those here without documentation."

-- "nearly 40 percent don't want to limit law enforcement cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, according to the survey."

On the other hand.
Nearly 80 percent, however, support a pathway to citizenship for so-called DREAMers, and "67% think undocumented immigrants should be able to purchase health insurance on the California state exchange."