Prominent gun control advocate David Hogg uses screen name davisgreen111

David Hogg's Twitter account is @davidhogg111, so possibly it isn't too surprising that he has set up a Reddit account with the name davisgreen111.  The point of this pseudonym seems to be to get advice on how Hogg could reach and influence more people.
On Wednesday, the /pol/ board on 4chan speculated that they had found an anonymous Reddit account called davisgreen111 that belonged to David Hogg. Today, Big League Politics has exclusively confirmed that davisgreen111 is David Hogg. 
The most popular post on the davisgreen111 Reddit account is a link to David Hogg’s lifeguard confrontation video, which many are familiar with. It was the video that originally caused speculation that Hogg actually lived in Redondo Beach, CA, and not Florida . . . . 
It appears that Hogg was looking for advice on how to best display his name, which flashes across the beginning of video . . . .
Will anyone care that he was using this pseudonym?