Democrats guerilla tactics to harass Republican congressmen at home and at town hall meetings

So much for civil discourse.  My son Maxim has a new news article at Fox News:
The left has upped the stakes in its guerilla operations against Republicans, as deep-pocketed groups fund protesters to show up to the offices and even houses of congressmen to protest their lack of "town hall" meetings. 
Earlier this month, protesters targeted the home of Rep. Jason Lewis, a newly elected Republican in Minnesota's 2nd District. The protests on his doorstep grew big enough that one of his neighbors called the police. 
"Fortunately my family wasn't home at the time,” Lewis told Fox News. “I ran for Congress, but my family didn't run ... so to bring them into it I think is not in keeping with the best of American tradition." 
Protesters also have shown up at the homes of other Republican lawmakers in swing districts such as Rep. John Faso, R-N.Y., and Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif. Some 200 protesters showed up at Issa's home to blast him for not holding town hall meetings, leading his spokesman to say: “Dragging the congressman’s wife and family into this goes beyond the pale.” 
Local chapters of a left-wing group called “Indivisible” helped organize and lead those two protests. . . . .



Very Disappointing, Apple Computer uses iTunes to help raise money for the Southern Poverty Law Center

It is very sad to see that Apple Computer is helping the Southern Poverty Law Center raise money. The SPLC is seen by some as itself a hate group. The SPLC apparently goes after people simply because they are conservative, but that they don't care about racism by liberal groups.