Just listing some July terror attacks in Europe

Terrorism in July in France and Germany

July 24, 2016: Twelve people were injured, Ansbach, Germany: 27-year-old Syrian national set off a bomb outside a music festival
July 22, 2016: nine shot to death, Munich, Germany: by 18-year-old Iranian/German  
July 19, 2016injured four people, two critically, train passengers with an axe in Wuerzburg, teenager reportedly shouted the Islamic phrase "Allahu akbar"
July 17, 2016killing 84 people, Driver, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, was a career criminal, used a truck and a gun to kill people.
July 14, 2016: 2 killed, murder by an Islamic State jihadist of a police officer and police secretary at their home in Magnanville, 50 km northwest of Paris.  French police arrested three men, age 27, 29 and 44.

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