So why have stock prices fallen so much in the rest of the EU after Brexit?

From the Economist:
But it is a more fundamental, yet less-discussed, concern that is unsettling businessmen to the core, and not just German ones: loss of control. Without the British, they fear, the balance of power in the Brussels legislation-factory will shift to countries that favour protectionism over free trade. Bosses in every sector, from finance to pharmaceuticals, are worrying about the European regulatory climate when they can no longer count on the British banging their fist on the table, demanding free trade and lobbying for open markets. Britons at the European Commission are already being relieved of some of their duties. Over the coming months this will only get worse. . . .

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An email that I got from an admirer

An email that I got from an admirer. This is easier to show than most simply because it doesn't have a string of swear words.
On Monday, July4, 2016, at Monday, July 4, 7:25 PM, Margie Levinthal wrote:
The Crime Prevention Research Center is today's version of the Council for Tobacco Research, pedaling lies, false statistics and fake science all the while getting paid to harm the lives of many innocent and good people. Nice career and legacy you've built for yourself and ironically I'm sure you know exactly the damage you're doing. Hope the salary justifies it for you because it's always about the money for fools like you. Just can't imagine what lengths your descendants are going to go to to disassociate themselves from you and that legacy. Feel good as you rake it in because if you ever have a time to reflect on your life and your mission here on planet Earth with your fellow homo sapiens you may come to realize you can't take the money with you but you leave that legacy behind and it cannot be easily erased.