Fox News Sunday uses CPRC data on Mass Public Shootings

Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday

One correction on what Chris Wallace said. Our data only looked at mass public shootings for the US and Europe, not the entire world.  Our research can be found here.  Regarding Juan Williams comparison across countries this discussion might be helpful.
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Transcript from the panel discussion on Fox News Sunday:
WALLACE:  You know, Brit, some would argue that this wasn’t another mass shooting, this was a terrorist attack and so, therefore, you shouldn't just judge it as the president seemed to initially, like another Newtown or another, you know, shooting at a movie theater.
Having said that, there was a fascinating debate over mass shootings that we saw this week.  According to one definition, we have more than one mass shooting a day.  There were 355 in San Bernardino in 337 days.
On the other hand, there’s other analysis that says, if you look at it different, that we are eighth in the world when it comes to just being behind lawless countries like Norway and Belgium. So, there seems, and in fact, by all measures, gun violence has gone down dramatically in this country. . . .
WALLACE:  Well, actually, it turns out in terms of mass shootings, which is what we're specifically talking about here, it doesn't.  If you look at it per capita and you take out gang violence, which is -- well, it's a different deal.
WILLIAMS:  I’m just saying.
WALLACE:  It's a different deal.  We're behind Norway and Belgium.  So it’s not at all clear that there's a pattern here of such rampant gun violence. . . .



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