Robert Dear's voter registration lists him as unaffiliated, heavy pot smoker who sought bondage and sadomasochistic sex online

This Robert Dear, the killer at the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado, was a pretty strange guy.   From the UK Daily Mail:
. . . Robert Dear, 57, who allegedly burst into the clinic in Colorado Springs on Friday and opened fire, was a recluse who moved to a remote cabin in the state a year ago, his neighbors have told Daily Mail Online. 
But a new report by the New York Times has revealed that Dear was once a happily married family man who lived with his wife and son in South Carolina.Since his 2000 divorce, Dear seems to have declined into a loner who lives in a remote cabin, seeking bondage and sadomasochistic sex online and smoking marijuana. . . . 
Before their divorce, Dear was an independent art dealer and earned a degree in public administration from a Midwestern college, Ross told the Times.She said that Dear believed abortion was wrong, but 'it was never really a topic of discussion'. 
Ross said Dear exercised, ate healthily, rode motorcycles and listened to rock music and it 'never crossed her mind' that he would be capable of a mass shooting.   
Dear moved from North Carolina to Colorado and set up home in an area where people 'like to be by themselves' about a year ago, locals told Daily Mail Online.But he never gave any hint of any political views when he ate his meals at the only cafe in the isolated town of Hartsel, eight miles from his remote cabin. . . . 
The divorcee seems to have retreated from society after his divorce. 
An online advert posted under Dear's pseudonym after the split asked for bondage and sadomasochistic sex and company to smoke marijuana. . . .
From the New York Times:
The official said that Mr. Dear “said a lot of things” during his interview, making it difficult for the authorities to pinpoint a specific motivation. . . . 



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Wow. Colorado has a lot more info on their voter registration than we do here.

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