Bret Baier's Special Report discusses the CPRC's research on Mass Public Shootings

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More detailed information on the numbers used by Bret Baier on Fox News are available herehere, and here.  Peter Docey did make one mistake in discussing our research.  We were not subtracting off terrorist attacks from the totals.



Blogger Unknown said...

I had a couple of questions about this if I may? I notice that of all the countries on the list, only Germany, Belgium and France have had more than one attack (two or three each). Most of the other countries are small and have had one major attack. As an expert in statistics (which I am not, I hasten to add), wouldn't you say that this skews the data unfairly? And where are Spain, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Poland and many other countries? It makes it look like perhaps you've cherry picked countries that have had attacks?

I wonder what the list would look like if you deleted the 'outlier' attack from each country (including the US-take out the worst attack), included all the other countries in Europe and did the exact same calculations again?

I should say as well, in the interests of full disclosure, I am half Norwegian, so I did find it quite laughable that the table suggested that Norway is more dangerous than the US when it comes to gun violence!

I do also consider myself liberal, but nonetheless I hope I csn keep an open mind and listen to any arguments from both sides before rushing to judgment. Thanks

12/14/2015 3:58 PM  
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