Police rule that student who retrieved his gun from his car at Eastern Florida State College acted in self defense against two attackers

Just in December, Florida state courts struck down university bans on having concealed handguns in people's cars.  Now a student was able to defend himself against two attackers, one of whom was armed with a pool cue.  Calk this up as another example of the benefits of concealed carry on university campuses.  The University Herald has this:
Landrick Hamilton, a 24-year-old student at Eastern Florida State College (EFSC), was invited back to campus after shooting someone in self-defense Thursday. 
Like Hamilton, Armando, 25, and Landyer, 24, Contreras are claiming they too were defending themselves, FloridaToday.com reported. The two brothers allegedly jumped Hamilton in a campus parking lot when he managed to reach his car where he had a gun stowed. He fired one shot and sent Armando to the hospital with a non-life-threatening injury. 
Palm Bay police said Armando and Landyer attacked Hamilton Thursday afternoon with a pool cue, but the state attorney has not yet decided on whether or not to file charges. 
EFSC president Jim Richey said the police's report of self defense factored into the decision to invite Hamilton back to campus. The other two people involved in the fight were not students, but Hamilton does not have a disciplinary record at the school. . . .

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