Hypocrisy: Michael Bloomberg taking his police security detail with him as he leaves the mayor's office

Bloomberg understands why someone such as himself wants armed body guards, but he has no sympathy for mere private citizens who probably face even greater risks from crime.  From the New York Post:
The move means the cops will all hit the jackpot — pocketing cushy pensions and new “six-figure salaries” to keep serving the outgoing mayor, whose eponymous business-media empire has made him the seventh-richest person in America. . . . 
While Bloomberg’s security detail has 17 members, not all will be riding his gravy-train run. 
The unidentified lieutenant who heads the team will land the biggest windfall and “is getting paid a lot more than the detectives,” a source said. 
The NYPD provides Bloomberg with ’round-the-clock protection that includes a driver, bodyguard and advance man who secures the mayor’s destination whenever the mayor is out and about. . . .  
But City Hall sources noted that in the past, ex-mayors including Ed Koch, David Dinkins and Rudy Giuliani were all provided taxpayer-funded NYPD bodyguards after they left office.
In Giuliani’s case, the cost ran nearly $1 million a year, with detectives protecting the ex-mayor along with his mother, Helen; then-estranged wife, Donna Hanover; children Caroline and Andrew; and his then-girlfriend, Judith Nathan. 
At the time, Bloomberg defended the expense, noting that Giuliani “took a number of positions that were in the interest of the public, some of which were very controversial, and there are a lot of crazy people out there.” . . .

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