More ads by Michael Bloomberg pushing gun control

After his Super Bowl and numerous other ads pushing gun control, Bloomberg has released two new ads that make the claim: Newtown was a horrible incident and we just can't stand by and let these attacks continue.  Guess what?  I completely agree.  The difference is that Bloomberg then asserts that gun control is the solution.  I think that getting rid of gun-free zones would be an important start.  From CNN:
Ten days before the first anniversary of the Newtown elementary school massacre, two gun control groups released a chilling new television ad that portrays a potential school shooting. 
Mayors Against Illegal Guns–the group backed by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg–and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense partnered up to produce the commercial, which comes 30-second and 60-second versions. 
Released online Wednesday, the spot is set to air on cable news networks this week.
The ad, titled "No More Silence," shows a roomful of young children standing for a moment of silence to mark the Newtown anniversary. It also features scenes of other members of a community bowing their heads to mark the moment. 
"On December 14th, we'll have a moment of silence for Newtown," the ad's narrator says. 
A ticking clock can be heard throughout the ad, building up suspense. Then halfway through the spot, a presumed shooter can be seen carrying a large duffel bag as he or she walk towards what looks like a school. 
"But with 26 more school shootings since that day," the narrator continues, "Ask yourself: Is silence what America needs right now?" . . .



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