Continued misinformation about the risks of having guns in the home

The Children's Defense Fund continues the push for taking guns away from people in their homes.  With 58 mentions of the word home and a picture of a young girl who is under 10 years of age, there is the push to make people afraid of guns in their homes.  The notion that gun control can stop gangs from getting guns and cause the vast majority of these deaths is never acknowledged in this in their 73 page report.  Nor is it easy to stop 18 and 19 year olds to commit suicide if they really want to do so.  It is a debate that I have recently address again here.  Here is some data from the CDC for 2010 here.





Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

This is assinine.

A firearm is a tool. Nothing more, nothing less, and when one raises one child so as to respect and know firearms, one will not have a problem.

When my son was born, I made sure that he was there every time I cleaned my firearms (when he first started to walk), and I explained to him that it was not a toy, he was not to play with it, and after properly clearing the weapon I let him handle it. In this fashion, one simply removes the curiosity factor.

It also helps to demonstrate the power of a firearm (a .22 caliber is handy for this), by filling a pop can with water and shooting it with a hollow point. The can explodes due to hydraulic pressure.

I never had a problem with my son. At all!

7/31/2013 11:17 AM  
Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

As an afterthought, let's suppose you have power tools in the house.

Does not one teach one's childeren to respect the table saw, and not to play with it?

7/31/2013 11:19 AM  
Blogger dwb said...

once again, the list of counties where all these child deaths by firearms are happening looks a lot like the list of counties where crime and poverty in general are the highest (cdc wonder). shock. 95% of those deaths by firearms in Chicago and Baltimore are homicides, gang-bangers. not one of them share anything in common with the young red head in the picture. just saying.

Total 2,656 83,267,556 3.2
Los Angeles County, CA (06037) 121 2,711,958 4.5
Cook County, IL (17031) 104 1,374,096 7.6
Philadelphia County, PA (42101) 51 400,817 12.7
Harris County, TX (48201) 48 1,263,889 3.8
Wayne County, MI (26163) 48 518,587 9.3
Maricopa County, AZ (04013) 37 1,119,606 3.3
Miami-Dade County, FL (12086) 34 616,245 5.5
Kings County, NY (36047) 33 663,836 5.0
Alameda County, CA (06001) 30 383,662 7.8
Orleans Parish, LA (22071) 27 84,517 31.9
San Bernardino County, CA (06071) 24 664,577 3.6
Dallas County, TX (48113) 23 718,945 3.2
District of Columbia, DC (11001) 23 123,720 18.6
Jackson County, MO (29095) 22 183,220 12.0
Baltimore city, MD (24510) 22 155,210 14.2
Franklin County, OH (39049) 20 314,655 6.4
St. Louis County, MO (29189) 20 260,426 7.7
Bronx County, NY (36005) 19 416,629 4.6 (Unreliable)

7/31/2013 11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also missing is the quantification of children's lives saved or enhanced by the defensive use of guns.

When dad makes is home from the bodega after using a firearms to save his life, this is a good thing "for the children".

7/31/2013 3:54 PM  
Blogger Tom said...

FYI - 134 X 20 = 2,680 children and teen gun deaths in an unknown year. Thus 2,680 gun deaths of 19 year olds and younger.

Per Mr. Lott's CDC data 1,773 homicides, 749 suicides, 134 accidents, totaling 2,656. (close)

Defining children as 14 and under 219 homicides, 91 suicides, 62 accidents, totaling 372.

Thus 15 to 19 year olds are 2,284 of the 2,656 totals.

7/31/2013 6:32 PM  

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