Obama administration claims that they will veto any spending cuts

Over the weekend, I kept on hearing how it is important for Republicans to appear reasonable in the budget debate.  While the Republicans who want to help control budget costs by defunding Obamacare get attacked, how is this position by the Obama administration considered reasonable?  From Fox News:
The Obama administration dug in Sunday on its vow to reject proposed spending cuts by congressional Republicans in upcoming budget talks but declined to say whether the president would veto their proposals or allow a government shutdown.
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew told “Fox News Sunday” that President Obama will neither sign government funding bills that slash domestic spending nor negotiate with Republicans over spending cuts to reduce the federal debt limit.
However, he would not say whether the president would veto proposals and put the responsibility on Capitol Hill.
“Congress has to do its work," Lew said.
He also repeated what the administration has said in the weeks ahead of talks on short-term funding for federal agencies before a Sept. 30 deadline -- that Capitol Hill lawmakers must replace so-called sequester cuts with less drastic ones. . . .
The ultimate irony is that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was the one warning Republicans about "false crises."  This is after the Obama administration has continually raised end of the world scenarios over the impact of budget cuts.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warned Republicans to avoid "false crises" over a government shutdown and the debt limit in the coming months. 
Appearing on ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos," Lew continued to hammer the message President Obama has been touting this week, about renewing a focus on boosting the middle class and avoiding self-inflicted wounds on the economy. . . .
Here even the "self-inflicted wounds" claim is false.  See my past piece on Obama's end of the world claims during the 2011 budget battle available here.



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