"New Australian Study Shows More Guns, Less Crime"

I haven't read this study yet, but this has apparently gotten a hold of data showing the increase in gun ownership in Australia that I have been pointing to previously.
New research shows there are more guns but less gun crime in New South Wales, Australia. Although the number of legally owned firearms has increased substantially over the past decade, firearm crime has decreased. 
The study, in press with an international peer-reviewed journal, found that the number of murders with a firearm, shoot with intent to murder offences, and armed robbery with a firearm have all declined steadily despite ongoing rises in legal firearms ownership. 
The author of the study, Dr Samara McPhedran, said “Typically, Australian firearms legislation has been based on a ‘less guns, less crime’ view, which assumes that reducing the number of legally owned guns in society will lead to reductions in firearm misuse.” 
“However, the results from this study suggest there is little, if any, relationship between the number of legally owned guns in Australia’s most populous jurisdiction, and levels of gun crime in that state.” . . .

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Blogger Moad said...

I am an Australian and have been a hunter all my life. Down here we are licensed under a criteria that deals with the "need" to own a firearm, so this could be because you are a target shooter, are conducting vermin control for a farmer, part of your occupation as say a security guard or a number of other things that would fit this criteria. The main stipulation is that you are a "fit and proper person" under the law, unfortunately we don't have the 2nd Admendment on our side. In 1996, the then Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, acted on a knee jerk reaction to a mass murder in Tasmania by Martin Bryant, a man with mental problems. Bryant killed from memory 33 or so people with a semi automatic rifle, because of this all semi auto rifles and shotguns were confiscated from licensed gun owners, they were however paid for the firearms when they handed them in. So, all of us "fit and proper people" who held semi auto firearms were penalized because a person with mental problems went out on a killing spree. Of course this did not solve the problem, there are still mentally deranged people out there and organized criminals who can get whatever gun they want on the black market, the only impact was to law abiding people. The ban on these types of guns has not stopped gun crime within street gangs or motor cycle gangs, they continue to use unlicensed guns, funny that hey. Gun ownership down here is now on the rise with more people across the nation becoming involved with the hunting lifestyle or target shooting pursuits. So as I mentioned before, the only impact this ban had was on innocent people by a short sighted Prime Minister.

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