France is regretting its 75% marginal income tax rate

The Financial Times has this story:

France’s Socialist government is considering replacing its stricken 75 per cent top income tax rate on earnings above €1m, with a 65-66 per cent rate on households earning more than €2m.
The proposed new rate is working its way through the National Assembly as part of budget measures aimed at redressing France’s growing public deficit.
But it has come under fire from Christian Eckert, the Socialist head of the assembly’s budget committee, who said it did not fulfil President François Hollande’s emblematic manifesto promise.
In an interview with Le Monde newspaper published on Friday, Mr Eckert said: “It seems to me that we are in danger of losing two symbols: that of incomes above €1m and that of the 75 per cent rate, which will be dropped to 65-66 per cent.”
The finance ministry has neither confirmed nor denied the proposed new rate.
Mr Hollande’s 75 per cent rate was struck down by the constitutional council on New Year’s eve, just before it was due to come into force. It said it was unfair to apply the rate to individuals, not households, as is the norm under French income tax rules. . . .

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Blogger Chas said...

So, the French communists are going to rape people's income a little bit less. How nice of those commie thugs.

3/02/2013 11:45 AM  

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