So how slow is the recovery?: Ask Jerry Brown in California

Just in January, California was predicting that the deficit would be $9 billion.  Now at the beginning of May, just four months later, the estimated deficit has increased by about 74 percent.  The reason according to Bloomberg?
“Tax receipts are coming lower than expected and the federal government and the courts have blocked us from making billions of necessary budget reductions. The result is that we are now facing a $16 billion deficit.” . . .
It would be nice to have a breakdown by reason.  Finally, it is amazing that Democrats think that they can impose taxes and not have it impact people's behavior.

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Blogger Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "Of course, taxes never impact people's behavior! I mean, you know, as long as we Marxists are doing that, uh, you know, Berlin Wall type thing there. Then people have to behave. The way we want them to behave. As in paying all the taxes that we want them to pay. It's just a little matter of what you might call a mobility control issue. There's just a certain something about guard towers, barbed wire, landmines and machineguns that has such an inspiring effect on people when it comes to encouraging them to do their civic duty and stick around to pay their taxes, no matter how high we Marxists raise them. While many people would balk at paying a 100% taxation rate, it tends to seem rather benign when compared to stepping on a landmine. We Marxists are very clever at organizing things in such a way that they work in our favor like that, aren't we?"

5/13/2012 3:02 PM  

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