Liberals say that it has been OK to classify yourselves as a minority if you have "one-drop" of minority blood

I guess that I missed the memo that it was OK to classify oneself as a minority with "one-drop" of minority blood.  I really get the impression that this is just trying to cover liberal's tracks on Elizabeth Warren and give her cover.  It seems that if I had done that (and I am 1/32nd American Indian), there were be few claiming that was the right rule to use.  Here is a piece that refers to the "one-drop" rule.  Had I heard of the "one-drop" rule?  Sure, but I thought that this rule was surely objectionable to liberals.  Apparently, I was completely wrong.

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Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

If I can prove that I am at least 1/4 idiot, can I qualify for a Congressional pension and medical benefits?

Even better yet, perhaps I can also say that I am at least 1/4 French too, and that would qualify I as an outstanding Liberal who needs a high paying job in the Obama Administration.

5/18/2012 1:24 PM  

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