Texas Woman bravely tries to stop men from stealing from Wal-Mart

It is nice to know that there are a few people who feel so strongly about right and wrong.

Disgusted with all the "lawlessness" these days, a brave Texas woman chased three men who tried to steal a few cases of beer from a Walmart, the Houston Chronicle reported. Ironically, the heroine's name is Monique Lawless.
On Sunday, she watched three men walk out of the store without paying for the cases of beers they had in tow. Determined to stop them, Lawless told the clerk to watch her purse.
The 5-foot-nothing, 125-pound woman followed the men into the parking lot, jumped on their car’s hood and tried to kick the windshield in, while yelling, “You punks, you are not going to get away with this,” the paper reported.
The men, all brothers ranging from 19-to-21-years-old, laughed and allegedly hit the gas, causing her to fall off the car -- but not before she grabbed the driver's side door handle and was dragged along the pavement, according to the Chronicle. . . .



Blogger Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "That's outrageous! Attacks on our Marxist/warrior/hero/criminals should be illegal!"

6/23/2011 1:42 PM  

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