"Woodbridge (Va) clerk becomes robbers' worst nightmare"

A defensive gun use by a concealed carry permit holder in Virginia.

It was a gas station employee’s worst nightmare, being grabbed by two men after closing up shop for the night.
But it turned out the clerk at the Gordon Boulevard Shell station near Occoquan Saturday night was the nightmare for a pair of would-be muggers.
After locking the doors for the night around 11 p.m., the clerk -- who requested his name not be used since his attackers haven't been captured -- turned his car on to warm it up. While he sat in the driver’s seat, he made a phone call.
That’s when two men opened the door and grabbed him, simultaneously zapping him on his left forearm with a stun gun.
“I was wearing a thick coat,” the 29-year-old clerk said Tuesday afternoon, “so I didn’t get the full effect of the stun gun. It was just moments and I had to react and I realized ‘I better defend myself.’”
A concealed weapons permit holder, the clerk quickly turned the tables on the men, pulling out his handgun and firing twice at the muggers.
“I’ve been carrying it for at least four years,” he said of his gun. “I fired two shots while saying ‘Get out of here. Get out of here.’ I took two shots and they took off.
“It’s not been confirmed, but I’m sure I hit one with at least one shot.” . . . .
Prince William County police spokesman Jonathan Perok said the clerk would not face any charges “as his actions were in self-defense.”
Tynes is proud of how his employee reacted to such a dangerous situation.
“I think he handled it the right way,” the owner said. “It’s your life or somebody else’s. In my eyes, he did the right thing. . . . .

Thanks to Tracy Price of the link.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps Justice Breyer would like to comment?

12/20/2010 4:02 PM  
Blogger MyWeaponsPermit said...

Of course it would be nice if people did not have to go through something like this but I love hearing about the good guys wining.

I am a former police officer and teach concealed weapons courses and always stress training and/or practicing at the rage as much as possible, because as your post points out, this good guy had been carrying for four years.

Of course it sounds like he did everything right because he went home safe, and only the criminal got killed.

12/21/2010 2:51 PM  

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