Sestak's two big problems in job offer to get out of campaign scandal, copy of White House response to Sestak and Sestak's statements

Sestak has two problems. If he knew about a crime, isn't it his job as a public official to report it? Apparently, despite his claims about upholding "accountability," Sestak doesn't seem to think so.

Yet, he has repeatedly dodged questions about this crime, even when directly informed that people are concerned about a crime having occurred.
Here he is telling Neil Cavuto at about 1:48 into the clip about the job offer issue: "with 31 years in the United States Navy, I believe in accountability, experience, and honesty." Here are other places where he is dodging the questions.

This clip is almost painful in Sestak's unwillingness to answer the questions posed. It goes on for 17 minutes.

The second problem is the inconsistency between the WH and Sestak's stories. Here is what was said in the interview with Larry Kane from Comcast (from the first youtube clip shown above.

Larry Kane: Where you ever offered a Federal job to get out of this race? Sestak: Yes

Kane: Was it the Navy Sectary? Sestak: No comment. I would never get out for a deal.

Kane: Was there a job offered to you by the White House? Sestak: Yes . . . Someone offered me a . . .

Kane: It was big right? Sestak: Ya, it was . . . let me not comment on that.

You can read the White House response by clicking on these images immediately below here:

Here are several problems.
1) Was it a "big" job or an "uncompensated advisory board option"?
2) Was it by Clinton or "by the White House"? Was it possible that there was more than one conversation: one with Clinton and one with the White House?
3) The White House's own memo raises a question (see memo above). It refers to "Efforts were made in June and July of 2009 . . ." Yet, they only detail one discussion between Clinton and Sestak.
And here is the media bending over backwards to accept the White House's interpretations of what happened.

Here is an interview that Sestak gave the press on Friday. Where are the tough questions on the inconsistencies noted above? One really has to wonder if these reporters care about investigating these issues.

UPDATE: The follow up.

A transcript is available here.

UPDATE: Andrew Romanoff offered option of three jobs to drop out of Colorado Senate race. See the email from the WH here.

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