Radio interviews for 3rd edition of More Guns, Less Crime

All times Eastern Daylight Times unless otherwise noted


Lars Larson Show 7:30 PM


Steve Malzberg Show 4:30 PM
The Jim Bohannon Show, 11 to 12 PM.


Coast to Coast AM with George Noory from about 1:15 AM to 2 AM EDT
Greg Garrison WIBC Indianapolis 10 AM
Eric Hogue on News Talk 1380 in Sacramento from 8:05 to 8:20 AM PDT<
Lou Dobbs Radio Show at 2:35 PM.
Ed Morrissey Hot Air Radio 4:00


“Big John and Amy” AM 560 WIND 6:45am CDT
WLS with Cisco Cotto at 10:05 AM CDT
Dr. Milt Rosenberg on WGN Radio 720 AM from 10pm-11pm CDT CANCELLED WILL BE RESCHEDULED


Dennis Miller Show, 11:34 to 11:44 AM
Sandy Rios (Chicago) AM 1160 WYLL -- replayed on Monday

Tuesday, June 1

Jeff Katz Show WXKS-AM Boston (1200) 8 AM

Wednesday, June 2

KSFO with Brian Sussman 8:05 AM PDT/ 11:05 AM EDT
WJR Frank Beckmann’s show 11:35am EDT
G. Gordon Liddy Show, noon to 1 PM EDT
Michael Savage interview, will run during his third hour

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Blogger Proof said...

If you haven't already, you might contact a producer over at the Brian Sussman show at KSFO. Yours seems like the kind of book and author they like to promote.

5/24/2010 12:56 PM  
Blogger Karl said...

Congrats on edition #3!

5/25/2010 1:28 PM  

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