Australia's Government Health Care System is "broke"

The Daily Telegraph reports:

THE full extent of the disease plaguing the NSW health system can be revealed, with an analysis showing every one of the state's 220 public hospitals is either battling to pay bills, struggling to attract staff or short of beds.

Experts have told The Sunday Telegraph the health crisis has for the first time permeated the entire state, extending from major Sydney hospitals to rural and regional centres in Moree, Broken Hill and Albury.

Dr Brian Morton, president of the NSW branch of the Australian Medical Association (AMA), said the state of the public health system had plunged to an unprecedented low.

"(The system) is basically broke and all the health services are in trouble,'' he said.
Among major problems blighting the system are:

* All of the eight area health services are facing major funding, staffing and supply shortages.

* New fears of deadly superbug outbreaks, as cleaning budgets are slashed across NSW, which already has Australia's highest rate of hospital-acquired infections.

* NSW Health's finances are a "significant problem'', according to the Auditor-General's Office, with a "large number of errors detected during the audit process'' as well as missed deadlines.

* Patients being denied basic drugs, medical supplies and quality food because of cost-cutting. . . .



Blogger Unknown said...

this is all john Howard’s doing; he had the money to spend on this stuff but did not, he has Australia at its best.
instead he will spend $80 billion on the Olympics when people are dieing in Australia’s hospitals.
He will send / spend / give billions of $ to Indonesia after the bail bombing, but [only did it to look good]
he would only do things like that, that make him look like a hero, the truth is that he was scum, & if people are dieing he did nothing.

If you spend $20 billion on fixing up hospitals he does not look as good, after all it is a standard job that should be done anyway.
John Howard is a murder.
GST stabs everyone in the back, he lied & new he would do it in time 100%, so he is a 100% scumbag; & new non worker rights, scumbag all the way, he got his goodbye as did bush.
They / he hade the money to fix everything but would not, john Howard was going to buy them second hand jetfighters of america, & they where not w3hat we needed, so wast of money, so he would spend 22 plus billion $ to help America dump off the trash instead of saving life’s from very very bad public hospitals that clam life’s every day, & would let people go on waiting list to for impotent life or death operations because there was not any free operating tables or spare hands to do them all…

2/02/2009 7:45 AM  

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