"ND students argue about carrying guns on campus"

Unfortunately, without any evidence of risks, the argument against students being able to carry concealed handguns is that the students will do something wrong with them.

The Associated Press - Friday, January 30, 2009

Students at North Dakota's universities are arguing in the Legislature about whether state law should allow people to carry concealed weapons on campus.

The North Dakota House's Government and Veterans Affairs Committee is considering the bill. It expands the number of public places where someone can carry a concealed gun if they have a permit to do so.

Thomas Nicolai of Cooperstown says if the president of North Dakota State University needs a bodyguard, then students on campus should be allowed to carry a gun if they have a permit.

Other students don't like the idea. North Dakota Student Association president Frank Michael says allowing people to carry concealed firearms on campuses would make students feel less safe.

The bill is HB1348.

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