The Fears of Concealed Handgun Permit Holders

It is unfortunate enough that people don't trust individuals to properly carry permitted concealed handguns. But some don't even trust prosecutors to carry guns. Here is something from the Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal.

As the state law currently is written, concealed guns are not allowed in courthouses, schools, churches, polling places and other locations. Senate Bill 19 is attempting to amend the concealed weapon statute for the safety of prosecutors.

We're not convinced this is the correct approach because of its potential to increase the likelihood of a gun being fired in a courtroom. ...

If nobody is allowed to carry concealed weapons into the hallowed halls of justice, then the only guns inside should be those in the possession of law enforcement officials. If other weapons are making it inside ... those charged with protecting the courtroom need to make a better effort at keeping the guns outside. ...

If guns aren't really making it into the courtroom, then allowing prosecutors to be armed is granting an unlevel playing field and probable inappropriate use of force. ...

We are not taking lightly the safety concerns of prosecutors. It's a dangerous business bringing criminals to justice. But adding more weapons into what should be a safe environment for all involved does not strike us as the way to reduce violence. . . .

The bill passed the Kansas state Senate unanimously. KCTV 5 points out why the prosecutors want this passed.

Gorman, who has received several written death threats over the years, said he works in two courthouse buildings and he and his staff often walk between them.
"We're out in exposed areas, not behind a locked door," he said.
He recalled that several years ago, he was standing in line at a mall with his wife and daughter waiting to see Santa Claus when he spotted the family of a man he convicted of involuntary manslaughter. When Gorman saw them talking among themselves, he left with his family.
"It was time to get away, but I could have been in a position where they saw me before I saw them," he said. . . .



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