Some coverage of the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus Convention

Some news coverage for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus:

Austin American-Statesman (Austin, Texas)

WASHINGTON — Should college students have the right to carry concealed guns on campus?

Yes, say members of the group Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. Men and women from colleges across the country attended the group's first national conference in Washington on Friday.

The movement was galvanized by the 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech that left 32 students and faculty members dead, said Michael Guzman, president of the group. Officials say an emotionally troubled student opened fire with two automatic pistols in an academic building on a campus where guns were banned.

"We were formed the day after Virginia Tech," said Guzman, 21, a senior at Texas State University in San Marcos.

The issue is not keeping guns out of the hands of college students, he said. College students have the same rights to carry concealed weapons as anyone else, subject to the laws of their state, he said. The issue is whether properly licensed students should be able to take concealed weapons on campus the way they can take them nearly everywhere else.

"There shouldn't be an imaginary boundary beyond which you can't defend yourself," said Matt Mesang, 21, a senior at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Fla.

Guzman said the movement is growing. He said the group has members on 500 college campuses and chapters at 300. The group has about 31,000 members on Facebook.

Guzman said 11 colleges already allow students and faculty to carry concealed weapons on campus.

CNSNews had an article here that focused on my debate with Paul Helmke.

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