Students for Concealed Carry having first National Convention on August 1st

Here is the schedule for this Friday, August 1st. The event will be in the National Press Club Ballroom on the 13th floor.

1 PM

Michael Guzman, President of SCCC, 5 minute introductory remarks

Discussion on Campus Gun Free Zones Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign, and John Lott, Senior Research Scientist, University of Maryland -- 55 minutes, Moderator Michael Guzman (2 minute intro, 15 to 20 minute statements, 2 minute rebuttal, remaining time questions)

2 PM

Academic Panel Professor David Mustard (Economics, University of Georgia), Professor Bob Cottrol (Law and History, George Washington University), and Professor Joyce Lee Malcolm (Law, George Mason University) -- 40 minutes, student Moderator (3 minute intro, 10 to 12 minute statements)

2:40 PM

State legislators who have sponsored legislation to let permitted concealed handguns on campuses -- W. Clark Aposhian, Chairman State of Utah Concealed Weapon Hearing/Licensure Board; State Representative Ernest Wooton, Louisiana; State Representative Jason Murphy, Oklahoma -- 40 minutes, Moderator Alan Gottlieb (3 minute intro, 8 to 10 minute statements, if time, allow Alan to ask questions of the panelists)

3:20 PM

Alan Gura, Lawyer who presented the recent arguments to the Supreme Court on the DC gun ban case -- 15 minutes

3:35 PM

Media Bias on Guns on Campus -- Ted Gest, President, Criminal Justice Journalists, affiliated with University of Pennsylvania and John Jay College of Criminal Justice; Joe Tartaro, Executive Editor Gun week and Prsident SAF -- 25 minutes

4 PM

Student Panel -- Jeremy Schwab, University of Texas Dallas; Ken Stanton, Virginia Tech; Andrew Dysart, GMU -- 30 minutes, student Moderator (2 minute intro, 8 minute statements)

4:30 PM

Student Award Presentation -- 20 minutes

4:50 PM

Gordon Liddy -- 15 minutes

5:05 PM

Thank you and mention of evening get together by Michael Guzman, President of SCCC -- 3 minutes

National Press Club
529 14th St NW # 1300
Washington, DC 20045

The entrance is on 14th street near 14th and F Streets.

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