Democrats change registration of fake website used to support gun control policies

On August 3rd I posted some information that appears to indicate that Democrats had set up what appears to be a gun owners website that advocates some of the Democrats favorite gun control regulations. In some ways this site reminds me of the fradulent website that gun control advocates set up during 2003 where they pretended to be me and send out emails under my name. A friend of mine has done some additional searching today about the www.huntersandshooters.com website and sent me an update indicating that some aspects of the site's registration have been changing:

"1. The web site huntersandshooters.com is presently (8-5-2005) registered
through GoDaddy.com to one Robert Ricker at a PO box in Frederick, MD. . . .

4. [This friend] can confirm that "the" Ricker has indeed shown up to give anti-gun
testimony before legislative committees in Annapolis, as recently as the
most recent session (which ended in April.) He has a Maryland connection.

5. . . . [This friend now finds] at least one anti-gun group link to huntersandshooters.com."

Ken Maurer writes me that:

"First, Bob Ricker is listed on the web site as one of their Executive Director, complete with a bio that reads as if he's one of the movers and shakers of "the gun lobby". Jody Powell (from Carter's White House staff) is also listed as one of their leaders, while Joe Rosenthal is listed as their Foundation Director. (This probably means that anyone trying to follow the money trail would discover he's the primary funder of the effort.) Finally, while both have been changed to Bob Ricker now as you indicated, when I checked their "whois" information on 8/1 the administrative and technical contacts for their site were listed as being DCCongressional."


A Defensive Gun Use that Got the Newspaper's Attention

Posted on Wed, Aug. 03, 2005

Star carrier under attack fires his gun to fend off assailants

By JOHN SHULTZ The Kansas City Star

A veteran contract carrier for The Kansas City Star parked close to a store at Fifth Street and Troost Avenue as always early Tuesday. It meant a quick trip back to his van.

But not quick enough to evade four attackers.

One assailant and perhaps others in his group rained punches on the 66-year-old carrier through his driver-side window. He used a gun to fend them off, firing three times.

They never asked for money.

“I thought these guys just weren’t going to let up,” said the carrier, who asked not to be identified because his attackers remained free. “He intended to knock me out … maybe leave me for dead. At that time, he’d get whatever he wanted.”

The assault began just before 3 a.m., police said. The carrier said he saw the men emerge from nearby Garrison Park and run toward him.

“I thought at first they were probably just going to ask (for) money,” said the carrier, who has been approached before for money by panhandlers and provided loose change.

But these men, probably in their teens or 20s, sprinted his way.

“He just said ‘Hey,’ then pow,” the carrier said.

While the carrier was being hit, the van, which he already had put in drive, rolled a short distance and smacked into the concrete and brick of the store.

The carrier pulled a .380-caliber handgun from a holster near his seat. The attackers fled, running east, as the carrier fired a shot out his window. He got out of the van, stumbling, the carrier said, and fired two more shots above his assailants’ heads. . . .

The victim, police said, appeared to be within his rights of defending himself. . . .

Some perspective on campaign contributions

"In 2002, there were 695,000 lawyers in the United States.[7] Their campaign contribution for that year’s election cycle was $95,478,421 or $137 per lawyer.[8] According to Mr. Barnes [President, Brady Campaign to Prevent Handgun Violence], this is not “powerful special interests.” During the same cycle, the National Rifle Association contributed $2,027,889.[9] Since the NRA has about 3 million members,[10] this averages out to 68 cents per member. Rather than avail themselves of readily-available monetary wealth, as news reports imply, the organization practices what Barnes implies is the subversive, anti-democratic method of voter activism:"

Thanks to Jason Morin and Howard Nemerov for alterting me to this piece. Donations do not concern me from either group, though it is useful to point out that some perspective is needed in evaluating the different claims being made.

Columbus, Ohio puts forward rules today on gun registration


Letter in USA Today on Abortion Rates prior to 1973

'Bans' aren't absolute

Laura Vanderkam is correct that few abortions would be stopped by overturning Roe v. Wade, but the argument is even stronger than she thinks.

Even for the states that she lists as possibly re-adopting a ban, a total ban did not exist before Roe. States with "bans" still had life or health exceptions for the mother, which were often interpreted quite liberally by many doctors. Many allowed "mental health" considerations. In fact, according to my research of abortion data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, even among the four Southern states that she notes could adopt a new ban, all of them (Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Georgia) allowed at least some abortions before 1973. The most surprising fact is that many states that allowed abortions only when the life or health of the mother was endangered before 1973 had higher abortion rates than did the states where abortion was legal.

John R. Lott Jr., resident scholar, American Enterprise Institute, Washington


Democrats set up fake organizations to support gun control policies

Below is some information that was sent to me. I haven't had time to check these claims out.

UPDATE: Other updated discussions on this misleading website can be found at here and here. The first link has information by Dan Z that, among other things, "American Hunters and Shooters Association's (AHSA) president, John E. Rosenthal, is also the founder of Stop Handgun Violence, Inc."

Democratic Leadership Council use PR firm to push more Gun Laws

A Washington based PR Firm called DCS - Internet Advocacy Group thats used by a list of who's who in the Democrat party as well as the official PR firm for the Democrat leadership Council (DLC) that Sen. Hillary Clinton is the 'Chair' member as well as reportedly hand pick DCS to do ALL of the DLC PR work.

DCS Has register a bogus 'Pro-Gun' sportsmen group in the attempt to make it appear as hunters and trap shooters are in favor of Assault weapon 'bans as well as other anti gun related issues.

By creating this made up group called The American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA), who will inevitably be used in future Democrat led anti gun campaigns in the near future as so called 'expert' witnesses or a 'sane' voice of sportsmen. just so the anti gun democrats can grandstand for gun control non-issues via their willing accomplishes in the press. I'd imagine the closer we get to the '08' presidential election the more (AHSA) will be in the news.

Dick Morris , former Clinton PR man has stated numerously how the Democrats and Sen. Hillary have personally created made up Internet based advocacy groups repeatedly in the past to drum up false public support to site at their press conferences and Senate hearings, just so the Democrats will get their names put out in the news. According to Morris, During the Clinton administration there was a brainstorming group under then first lady Hillary's oversight inside the white house who did this kind of fabricated PR all the time.

So who did DCS make as the head of their bogus gun group, well none other than John Rosenthal, Co founder of Stop Handgun Violence (SHV). SHV has supported every anti-second amendment rights bill since the organizations creation.The personal pet anti gun group of the anti-gun Democrats.

The following background on all involved was uncovered.

[1.] The bogus Pro gun group: The American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA) is located at: 600 Pennsylvania Ave SE, suite 200, Washington, District of Columbia 20003 As listed on their website and on their domain name registration.

Its domain name:
http://www.huntersandshooters.com was registered on 25-Apr-05 by Registrant:DCS - Internet Advocacy Group, 600 Pennsylvania Ave SE,suite 200,Washington, District of Columbia

20003 As listed on DCS website and on their domain name registration.
DCS website is located here: http://dcscongressional.com/

[2.] The Democrat Leadership Council http://www.dlc.org/
is located at: 600 Pennsylvania Ave SE, suite 400, Washington, District of Columbia 20003 As listed on their website and on their domain name registration.

[3.] The PR Firm called DCS- Internet Advocacy Group http://dcscongressional.com/
is located at: 600 Pennsylvania Ave SE, suite 200, Washington, District of Columbia 20003

[4.] So ALL three groups:The Democrat leadership council (DLC) , DCS - Internet Advocacy Group and The American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA) Are located in the same building and all three groups are pushing to take away your rights via their made up causes for the sake of getting their faces in the news.

According to Bernstein Management Corp. the Property Managements website: http://www.bernsteinmgmt.com/
Location: 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE Washington, DC,
Contact Number: (202) 363-6301 Austin Herndon

Please click through on the main link to get the original source for this.


CSPAN debate at 2:00 today EDT

For those interested: CSPAN 1 is carrying a debate about campaign spending limits that I will be participating in. I will be on from 2:00 to 2:50 PM today, although the show will go until about 4.

UPDATE: The program will also be replayed from 4:21 AM to 6:21 AM on Thursday morning on CSPAN 2.


Bolton On the Second Amendment

Academics drag feet on giving out data

On June 23, Rep. Barton, chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, sent letters to the climate researchers responsible for developing the notorious “hockey stick” graph, which purports to show a dramatic rise in global temperatures during the 20th century after a millennium of supposedly little change in global temperature.

The hockey stick graph has been key weapon in the arsenal of the global warming alarmists in their efforts to scare the U.S. into signing the Kyoto Protocol and clamping down on greenhouse gas emissions and energy use.

The graph has been criticized for many reasons, including its reliance on dubious estimates of historic temperatures based on the size of tree rings. Not only is temperature merely one factor that contributes to tree growth (as evidenced by the ring size), but a 15th century portion of the hockey stick graph is based on tree ring measurements from a single tree.

Noting that “sharing data and research results is a basic tenet of open scientific inquiry” and that the hockey stick research was paid for with public funds, Chairman Barton asked Dr. Michael Mann of the University of Virginia for the computer code used to generate the hockey stick graph. Dr. Mann had previously refused to provide his computer code to other climate researchers who had requested it.

Dr. Mann apparently decided that he cannot withhold his data and computer code any longer from the public and agreed in a letter to post his data and computer code on the Internet -- but not without squealing about it first. Before Dr. Mann turned over his data, virtually the entire spectrum of global warming alarmists attacked Chairman Barton for requesting access to the data and code.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science, long a proponent of global warming alarmism, chided Chairman Barton in a July 13 letter that Dr. Mann’s hockey stick had already been accepted by the United Nations’ global warming organization and that Congress ought not interfere with that process.

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Self Defense Lubbock, Texas style

A retired Lubbock police officer fatally shot a suspected burglar on Thursday and wounded an accomplice after discovering the pair in his home.

James Kimber, 65, returned home shortly after noon and noticed his garage door opened slightly. Kimber went inside, got a handgun from the laundry area and started looking around. He then heard voices coming from a bedroom and the sound of a semiautomatic weapon being cocked, said Lubbock police Lt. Roy Bassett.

When Kimber opened the bedroom door, an armed man rushed him. Kimber fired, striking the man in the chest. Fermin Martinez Jr., 19, of Idalou, staggered out the door and died in the alley behind Kimber's home, police said.

Kimber also shot Richard Steven Lovato, 19, of Lubbock, in the leg and held him at gunpoint until officers arrived.

Kimber retired from the department in 1996.

Ill. Gov. Blagojevich vetoes three pro-gun bills


Will Justice Breyer's property be taken from him in New Hampshire?

Critics of a U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that governments may seize private property for economic development want to use the process to seize a justice's vacation home and turn it into a park.

The New Hampshire Libertarian Party is collecting signatures for a petition to ask the town to use Justice Stephen G. Breyer's 167-acre Plainfield property to create a "Constitution Park," with stone monuments to commemorate the U.S and New Hampshire constitutions, said party Vice Chairman Mike Lorrey.

"The point is: What goes around comes around," Lorrey said. "This is a way of saying, 'You're going to be held to your own standard.'"

Lorrey said the Libertarian petition would place the land-taking request before a town meeting next spring. But Plainfield Town Administrator Steve Halleran said Friday that he didn't expect voters to support the effort.

NOW: Women can determine what to do with their bodies for abortions but not breast implants

I am having a hard time having these two positions make sense. On the one had the National Organization for Women is a staunch defender of letting women have unfettered ability to determine what to do with their own bodies on abortion ("Overturning Roe v. Wade"), but at the same time they don't think women should have the choice of using breast implants ("FDA Endangers Women's Health With Silicone Breast Implant Decision").